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Salmon fishing

Catch your biggest salmon on the Reisa river.

Reisastua offers you the opportunity to fish for some of the largest Atlantic salmon in the world. Our guests have caught fish of over 20 kg on fly, and there are only a handful of other rivers in the world where this is possible.
Reisastua has an ideal location in the middle of the Reisa river. From this central location it is possible to access all parts of the river. This gives us great flexibility and allows us to target the areas that offer the best fishing. Many fish over 15kg have been caught in Reisa in recent years. Many of our guests have caught their biggest salmon with us and we now have over 60 personal records in our record archive. Get in touch if YOU want to set a new record!

Reisaelva, the world's most beautiful salmon river.

Reisastua tailors day and week packages with salmon fishing in several price ranges. We offer fishing licenses at the best fishing spots such as Haugseth, Kjellerstilla, Lastilla and all the way down to Røyelen. Contact us to book your fishing week now. We can provide guides and cooks, or you can manage on your own. Get in touch and we will tailor a great week for you.


Kjellerstilla is a classic fly trap. The deep bank of the river follows the mountain along the opposite bank. The pond stretches for several hundred meters and has plenty of room for several fishermen. This is one of the best pools in Reisaelva and we are lucky to be able to offer fishing licenses throughout the season. This is also one of the best sea trout pools in the river.


Lastilla is located below Kjellerstilla and you should have a boat to get to this wonderful pool. Many salmon around 20 kg have been caught here. We have fishing licenses here throughout the season.


In the old days, the roe was perhaps the very best salmon pool in the river. We are lucky to be able to offer almost the entire stretch on the east side of the river from Lastilla all the way past Røyelen throughout the season.

Reddreisalaksen - Save the Reisa Salmon

The project to save the large salmon in the Reisa River. What can YOU contribute to the project?

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