The best SALMON river IN THE WORLD



Reisa Lodge offers you the opportunity to fish for some of the largest Atlantic salmon in the world. Our guests have caught fish of over 20 kg on fly, and there are only a handful of other rivers in the world where this is possible.

Come along as Scott Mackenzie and Matt Harris fish the fabled Reisa river.

Reisaelva, the world’s most beautiful salmon river

Reisaelva, or Reisa River, is a river in Northern Norway, located in the county of Troms og Finnmark. The river is approximately 90 kilometers long, runs from the lake Reisavannet in the municipality of Nordreisa through the Reisa Valley, and empties into the Reisafjorden in the municipality of Kåfjord.

Reisa Lodge has an ideal location in the middle of the Reisa River. From this central location, it is possible to access all parts of the river. This gives us great flexibility and allows us to target the areas that offer the best fishing. Many fish over 15kg have been caught in Reisa in recent years. Many of our guests have caught their biggest salmon with us, and we now have over 60 personal records in our record archive.

See our large film archive of our guests and friends with large salmon from Reisa River.

We are offering the opportunity to fish for sea trout. We have different packages with fishing in good Reisa River fishing zones and accommodation at the lodge. Contact us for more actual information!

Our fishing trips range from classics that have stood the test of time to ground-breaking new fishing adventures unique to our company. We are working with professional and passionate sporting guides who love to target a wide variety of experiences.

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