Our restaurant focuses its cuisine on the finest local ingredients to create a range of delicious dishes. Breath out, enjoy our food and share stories from today’s adventure or expedition in our region. The restaurant can also be used for special events, celebrations, company meetings or teambuildings.

We can welcome up to 25 guests in our restaurant.

Note that we only accept guests in the restaurant by prior reservation! At the moment it’s not possible to arrive without a prior booking. If the restaurant is closed, you can prepare you own food using our kitchen.


The Jacuzzi is located on the open-air roof terrace and offers a direct view of the Reisa River and the surrounding mountains and Aurora on the sky.

The jacuzzi has room for 8-10 people, and should preferably be booked well in advance.

The price is 200 NOK / person / day


The Vikings called the northern lights Bivrost. They believed it was a magical bridge between earth and heaven. At Reisa Lodge you will find our popular Bivrost Bar, a modern bridge between the nature around us and you sitting on the bar stool.

 We work in close cooperation with the local producer of Bivrost drinks. Aurora Spirits distillery is the northernmost distillery in the world, and are proud to be their ambassador.

Our custom bar offers local gin, vodka, aquavit and the unique and exclusive whisky made at Bivrost.