Snowmoskiing in reisadalen

Reisa Lodge lies in the upper Reisa valley, and it was never a typical ski destination… until now! At the same time, the lodge is ideally located, literally at the crossroads of the best legal Norwegian snowmobile tracks going up both sides of the valley. This, together with very good snow quality and a long snow season, creates a unique possibility for our brand new product, Snowmoskiing! A combination of two extremely fun activities. Skiing and snowmobiling. Popular heliskiing is very limited in Norway, so powder-hungry skiers usually have to climb up the mountains using their own power. But driving the snowmobiles is literally part of the culture in our rough, cold region. This traditional way of transport will allow you to enjoy more amazing skiing lines in one day.

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Tour description

Depending on the current snow and weather conditions, we will take you with our snowmobiles to a suitable, safe skiing location above the lodge. Here, we set up a camp for the day with fire. From the camp, we drive you up the mountain. On the way up, you can hang behind the snowmobile on the rope; it’s a lot of fun. If you want to ski with your kids, you can sit on the snowmobile or on our safe passenger sledge. After reaching the starting point, you start skiing back down to the camp in untouched snow. With easier, safer, and clearly visible lines, you can ski alone. Our more demanding forest lines will be shown to you by our skiing guide.

Our trip takes about 5 hours, starting from the lodge. It means that you get about 4–4.5 hours of skiing. In between the ski runs, you can enjoy local snacks and hot drinks by the fire. On the last run of the day, you ski back down to the valley on our secret and very fun forest lines. You will love it!

PRICE: On request

In good weather, we can also take you on an evening snowmoskiing trip on one of the mountains near the lodge. You might be lucky and ski easier, safer lines with our strong headlamps under the Northern Lights. A trully unforgettable experience. If the weather is worse higher in the mountains, but still OK in the middle and lower parts of the valley, we will enjoy great powder forest skiing.

The trip takes 4 hours and starts around sunset. A fire, hot drinks, local snacks, and in certain locations, even a camping tent will be available for you.

PRICE: On request

It is not allowed to drive the snowmobile anywhere in Norway. But we are priviledged to have the best Norwegian snowmobile tracks all around us, leading high into the mountains. We have a few cool spots just on the snowmobile track where you can start skiing right after you get off the snowmobile. To reach steeper or more remote mountains, like Oahpis or Halti, the highest mountain of Finnland, we can drive you deep into Finnmarksvidda on the snowmobile, set up a camp, and from there we climb the last part to the summit on skins. This way, you might ski even the most remote mountains in our region. It is a very different experience from the typical “Sea to Summit to Sea” skiing, which is so popular in the coastal areas of your magical Reisa region. We offer you a truly special trip where you feel like in Antarctica. The mountains are not so steep here, but the strong feeling of solitude and purity is hard to describe. Suddenly, you find yourself in the heart of Sápmi, the home of local reindeer herders and the native Sámi people. It’s a different world. All around you, you see endless white horizons and sharp coastal peaks in the distance.

PRICE: On request – tailor made

If you seek something truly special, more advanced and ambitious snowmoskiing expeditions deeper into the wild surrounding mountains are possible. We can offer you a tailor-made experience of a lifetime. You can combine even more activities like skiing in remote parts of Finnmarksvidda, ice fishing, and overnight stays in our durable widerness tents or even cabins.

Price: On request – tailor made


You shall bring your own freeride or ski touring gear. We will be skiing in rather safe terrain, but you must also have your avalanche gear—a beacon, a showel, and a probe.

If you need help with the skiing gear, contact us in advance.

For the evening trips, we will borrow you our extremely powerful Moonlight headlamps.


The exact location will be discussed before the trip and adjusted to the skills of the group and to the current snow and weather conditions. 

This activity is NOT suitable for total beginners and also NOT for the extreme “freeride adrenaline addicts” searching only for the hardest lines in steep terrain.

You shall be able to ski in the “free terrain”. We are in a cold and dry area with a lot of powder days, especially in the forest parts. But you shall have at least basic experience with skiing different types of snow, from powder to wind-packed snow.

In case of bad visibility above the tree level, we can still offer you fun forest skiing. Here, you must be able to quickly react to changes in the terrain and maneuver between the trees.

If you want to ski something harder, we also know some cool, steep lines. Contact us if you have a special wish, and we might be able to help you. Since February 2023, we have been working on developing regular randonee skiing here in the valley.

See the winter activity Ski touring


Remember, we are in the Arctic. It might be very cold here. Bring warm clothes, gloves, and face protection! As well as your avalanche gear!

We will show you safe terrain and give you our best advice. We might even ski with you, but remember, you will be skiing at your own risk.

The trip takes 4 hours and starts around sunset. A fire, hot drinks, local snacks, and in certain locations, even a camping tent will be available for you.

Tour Detail


February - April


4 - 6 hours (Day / Evening trip)
1 - 3 days (Arctic trips)


Group from 2 - 6 people


On request