whale watching

WHALE Watching Trip

Together with our partner Reisafjord Xperience, we want to invite you on a spectacular fjord cruise, where we search for one of the world’s largest mammals in the fantastic Reisa fjords. From early November to the end of January, many whales visit the fjords outside Nordreisa, Skjervøy, and Lyngen to feed on the many herring. The good conditions here allow you to experience whales up close!


We have warm outerwear, life jackets, hats, and protective goggles available. You need to remember to wear warm clothing and warm footwear.

For safety reasons, passengers must be 140 cm or taller.

The whales you can see in Northern Norway

Orcas have strong family bonds, and their groups often remain together for several generations. The orca has a black body with a large white patch above and behind the eye. The orca is the largest member of the oceanic dolphin family. The orca’s diet consists of fish (such as herring), seals, sharks, and dolphins.

Humpback whales can live alone or in small groups. The humpback whale is stocky and strong, has black dorsal coloring, and (as the name suggests) an obvious hump on its back. It catches herring by opening and filling its mouth. It can catch an entire school with a single mouthful! The humpback whale is very acrobatic and is known for its spectacular jumps above the surface! The humpback whale also produces a unique and complex song.

whale Tour Details


November - January


3 hours


10:00 AM


1690 NOK / person