lyngenfjord Photo trip

The nature in Reisadalen, together with the surrounding Finnmarksvidda and nearby Lyngenfjord, creates undoubtedly the most diverse and impressive part of Norway! The variety of different types of landscapes is truly mind-blowing.

Rugged mountains, calm deep fjords, endless mountain plateaus, giant waterfalls, glaciers, grueling marshlands, remote arctic canyons, old forest and mountain cabins, rich wildlife, northern lights, midnight sun, unique Sámi culture, and so much more…

Every season of the year, we can take you to the best (currently accessible) local places where you can take your dream photos.

If you don’t know how to use the camera equipment properly, for example, when taking slow pictures of the northern lights or fast moments like skiing or whale-watching, our guides are professional photographers who might teach you many photography tricks.

You can also choose any other activity we offer, and our photographers can follow you and create for you the perfect film or photos from your adventures.

Note: Bring your own camera, no matter the type.

For northern lights photography, bring ideally your DSLR or mirrorless camera, fast and wide lenses, and a sturdy tripod. If you are not sure about the gear you need or if you have any questions or a special wish, please contact us.

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