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The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) are a phenomenon of the Arctic regions that attract people from all over the world to the north of Norway. Reisa Lodge is ideally located in a wild, wide valley without any light pollution. This makes it one of the best Scandinavian locations to observe the Northern Lights. Unlike cities like Tromsø, where you have to travel far behind the city borders to observe Aurora. In our lodge, you have the opportunity to experience the strong Northern Lights literally looking out of the window. The absence of light pollution in Reisadalen and the stable inland climate are the reasons why it is more possible to see aurora here than in most other places in Norway. To get beautiful aurora photos, all you need to do is just go outside the warm lodge. It is an extraordinary feeling to watch the Northern Lights from the frozen river Reisaelva, just below the lodge. A true touch of the North. Or even better! Imagine watching the Northern Lights while relaxing in our jacuzzi on the lodge’s roof after a demanding day full of great arctic adventures.

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We also offer special evening and night activities, during which you might be lucky to see the green dancing queen.

Depending on your taste and preferences, we can take you to a few special hidden viewpoints near the lodge, usually rocky hills with a great view over the vast Reisa valley. Some of these view points are easily and safely accessible for everyone. Here, we can make a fire and use our traditional tent as a shelter while waiting for the aurora. We can also take you to a cozy wooden cabin in the Reisa National Park visitor center.

If you want something more adventurous, we can guide you to a few magical places higher above the valley that require a longer approach. But the reward is huge! The atmosphere of a complete Arctic wilderness. You can walk on snowshoes or skis, or we can even drive you higher into the mountains with our snowmobiles.

Imagine skiing down to the valley with our strong headlights and northern lights above your head. Read more in the section Snowmoskiing

Do you like dogs? You can drive your own sledge with the husky team to a beautiful, cozy wilderness camp.


We can also organize an overnight wilderness stay in a tent or even in a mountain cabin, both close to the lodge or even in remote parts of Reisa National Park.

Join us for an evening trip on snowshoes, away from light pollution and noise, with the goal of experiencing the magical Northern Lights. It can be either close to the lodge or close to the town of Storslett.

Not many new activities are so easy for beginners and, at the same time, as exciting and adventurous as a snowshoeing trip. We walk in the dark and snowy forests through a fantastic landscape on the way to one of the view points, which is especially good for observing the Northern Lights. We make a bonfire while enjoying warm beverages and local snacks.

PRICE: 1500 NOK per person

Close to Reisa Lodge, we are very fortunate to find Norway’s best snowmobile trails. Join us on an unforgettable snowmobile trip in the beautiful surroundings of the Reisa valley and the nearby Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau. You will experience beautiful wild mountains, endless snowy horizons, and ice-covered fishing lakes. Have you ever dreamed of riding a snowmobile? On this tour, you get to drive the snowmobile by yourself. Our guides ensure a safe and exciting experience.

In the lodge, we dress in thermal suits and safety equipment suitable for the Arctic winter. Then we go to the starting point, where a safety review and practical driving training are held on the snowmobiles. Now miles of snowmobile trails await you. You will share a snowmobile with a partner and change between the driver and passenger roles. Along the way, we will stop and set camp, which is especially good for observing the Northern Lights. We make a bonfire while enjoying warm beverages and local snacks.

PRICE: 2300 NOK per person

Do you dream about getting the perfect Aurora photo but don’t know how? Our guides are professional photographers who might not only take you to special places but who can also teach you how to photograph the northern lights. Don’t forget to bring your cameras!

PRICE: on request


There are 2 biggest factors influencing the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights. Weather and the solar activity of the sun. And, of course, the year season. To be sure to experience this wonder of the Nature, it is best to spend longer time here. We will make sure that you will be entertained, no matter the weather.

Remember, we are in the Arctic. In the coldest months, the temperature might go down to minus 30 degrees Celsius. Bring very warm clothes and warm boots!

If you are interested in northern lights photography, bring your camera, wide and “fast” lenses, and a stable tripod. We can teach you how to take beautiful aurora pictures.

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Middle September - End of March


From extremely easy and pleasant observing the Aurora from the hot jacuzzi on the roof of the lodge across family-friendly trips up to the extreme arctic expedition.


The exact price and availability are on request. You can book a stay in the lodge and watch the Aurora just by yourself for free. Or we can offer you fantastic tailor-made evening or night trips exactly fitting your wishes, physical shape, and current weather conditions.