Majestic snowy mountains, frozen river and fishing lakes, cool icefalls, and the best snowmobile tracks in Norway. Loads of skiable powder snow for six months a year. Rich in wildlife, hidden far behind the Arctic Circle, under the northern lights, full of silence, darkness, special atmosphere, and solitude. This is how our remote and wild Reisa region could be described in winter. Welcome to the best Arctic winter playground!

We are ideally located in a wild, wide valley without any light pollution. This makes Reisa Valley one of the best Scandinavian locations to observe the Northern Lights. We offer special evening and night activities, during which you might be lucky to see the green dancing queen.

Season: October – March

Are you looking for excitement and a challenge? Embark on an unforgettable journey through the breathtaking landscapes of Reisa Valley with our Husky Sled Tours. Discover the true beauty of the arctic wilderness, guided by our friendly and energetic huskies.

Season: November – April

Join us on a spectacular fjord cruise, on search for one of the world’s largest mammals in the fantastic Reisa fjords. From early November to the end of January, many whales visit the fjords outside Nordreisa, Skjervøy, and Lyngen to feed on the many herring. The good conditions here allow you to experience whales up close!

Season: November – January

Close to Reisa Lodge, we are very fortunate to find Norway’s best snowmobile trails. Join us on an unforgettable snowmobile adventure trip in the beautiful surroundings of the Reisa valley and the nearby Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau.

Season: December – April

Snowshoeing is a fantastic way to experience the beautiful Reisadalen, whether in the forest or in the mountains. The advantage of snowshoes is that you don’t need any special skills to use them. You attach them to your winter shoes, and then you just have to set off. This way, you can explore otherwise inaccessible winter Nature full of fresh, deep powder snow.

Season: November – April

A combination of 2 extremely fun activities. Skiing and snowmobiling. Popular heliskiing is very limited in Norway, so powder-hungry skiers usually have to climb up the mountains using their own power. But driving the snowmobiles is literally part of the culture in our rough, cold region. This traditional way of transport will allow you to enjoy more amazing skiing lines in one day.

Season: February – April

Reisa Lodge offers not only family-friendly ice fishing trips in the beautiful Reisa valley but also truly unique talor-made Arctic ice fishing expeditions deeper in the surrounding wild mountains.

Season: December – April

The Lyngen Alps and coastal parts of Reisa are classic destinations for ski touring in Norway. Skiing enthusiasts from all over the world come here to ski down the untouched snow-covered mountainsides, which stretch right down to the shores of the Lyngenfjord. You can also find very nice lines in Reisadalen, near the lodge.

Season: December – June

The nature in Reisadalen, together with the surrounding Finnmarksvidda and nearby Lyngenfjord, creates undoubtedly the most diverse and impressive part of Norway! The variety of different types of landscapes is truly mind-blowing.

Every year-season, we can take you to the best (currently accessible) local places, where you can take your dream photos..

Season: All year round activity

If you are searching for an ice climbing paradise, your search is now over. Reisa Valley offers incredible ice-climbing lines of all kinds of difficulties and shapes. From extremely difficult and remote giantic frozen waterfalls to easy but still cool beginner’s icefalls close to the lodge. No matter how experienced you are, you can have great fun ice climbing in Reisa.

Season: December – April