SKI TOURING in reisa and lyngen

Reisadalen, the huge valley where our Reisa Lodge is located, is not a typical skiing destination like, for example, the famous Lofoten or nearby Lyngen. Despite that, you can find several types of skiing possibilities right around the lodge. Within an hour’s drive from the lodge, you reach some of the best skiing mountains in the whole Lyngenfjord region.

Skiing possibilities

When it comes to skiing, Reisadalen (Reisa Valley) currently lies in the shadow of the nearby world-famous skiing destination Lyngen. But this does not mean that you won’t find fantastic skiing here. In fact, quite the opposite is the truth!

Thanks to its cold inland climate, Reisadalen has much more powder snow days than coastal areas like Lyngen. The best lines are a bit harder to see at first sight, but we will help you find them!

You can start cool, adventurous skimo trips just outside of the lodge’s door.

In the closest vicinity of our lodge, you find truly amazing adventurous lines with the “Lofoten parameters,” which means lines with 400–800 vertical meters. In one part of the valley, you find the most extreme couloirs you have ever seen, more than 1000 vertical meters high, waiting for the first ski descent.

In case of bad weather in the mountains or on the coast, we will show you fantastic, safe forest skiing. If you use our snowmobiles, you can ski many forest lines in one day.

We are the first company in the whole big region to offer you really cool Snowmoskiing – details about this activity HERE

We don’t have the fjords right by the lodge. But the best “sea to summit to sea” locations of the “Lyngenfjord region” are just less than one hour’s drive from Reisa Lodge. In fact, the majestic Lyngen Alps look much nicer from our Nordreisa side of the fjord. Here you can enjoy the best Norwegian lines, with 900–1300 vertical meters and absolutely breathtaking views over the famous Lyngenfjord.

Yes, we have to drive a bit to reach the fjords. But! We have something that other coastal destinations can never offer. Skiing in the vast last European wilderness—Finnmarksvidda. “Vidda” means “mountain plateau.” It is the coldest and wildest part of Norway. There are several ways to explore this precious arctic area.

We can drive you on our snowmobiles deep into the mountains of Finnmarksvidda. Here you can make unique skiing tours to the tops of the most remote, cold mountains in northern Norway. A truly different, unforgettable, and soul-touching experience. You feel totally alone here, like in the middle of wild white Antarctica or on another planet.

For true adventurers, we can prepare multi-day skiing trips “on the vidda” with nights spent in cozy, warm, and durable tents.

If you don’t want to be disturbed by the “smell and sound of the engines”, we can also take you on arctic trips to Finnmarksvidda or to the Reisa National Park canyon on the “fjell skis” (mountain skis). The trip will lead from cabin to cabin, far from the mobile phone signal and the clutter of the modern world.

Since winter 2023/24, we will put full effort into establishing all of these new skiing activities. Follow us on social media for many cool updates and skiing stories!

We will use the “trial season 2022/23” to establish the lodge as a great adventure skiing lodge. We know very well that the potential here is really great! At the moment, we are not offering certified skiing guides for the whole season. But we are skiers ourselves; we know the area well, and we can give our lodge guests valuable, valid information about safe skiing in the region.

If you want, you can hire our photographer, who can create for you great photos or short films on the best skiing mountains.

We are working on trial skiing packages for April and May 2023; stay tuned!

So far, we are not offering the rental of ski equipment. Please bring your own skis and skiing gear.

Skiing – info


Usually from December till June. Best skiing months are March and April.


All imaginable skiing terrains


All possible difficulties. From family friendly slopes to hardcore giant couloirs