Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

1) Booking request

Please use www.reisalodge.com for booking enquiries. An agreement is not final and binding before the booking request has been confirmed by Reisa Lodge and the guest has paid the deposit in compliance with terms in this agreement. Payment from guest confirms an acceptance of our terms and conditions.

2) Payment

Terms of Payment:

* 50 percent (%) of purchase price to be paid immediately after confirmation from seller

* Full payment at least 30 days before arrival 

* Full payment immediately if booking is placed less than 30 days before arrival

All payment to back account number 4750 18 58508, Sparebanken Nord-Norge, Tromsø. SWIFT SNOWN022. IBAN: NO8147501858494. 

Prices are in Norwegian Kroner (NOK) including VAT. 


3) Cancellation fee

Cancellation must be made at least 30 days before arrival. There is no refund of pre-payment for a cancellation less than 30 days before arrival. 

The terms of refunding the deposit are as follow: 

– Cancellation within 1-3 days after confirmed booking gives partial refund of 50 % of the deposit.

– Cancellation must be made in writing and is only valid once confirmed received by Reisa Lodge. Any bank charges and fees arising from cancellation are to be covered by the customer and will be deducted from the deposit before it is refunded.

4) Transfer of contract

This contract is personal and is not transferable to a third party without prior written consent. If case of transfer of contract, the original party is jointly liable for payment until payment has been made in full.

5) Acceptance of risk

Guest confirms knowledge and acceptance of risk arising from outdoor fishing activities from land and riverboat. Guest are informed that the Lodge uses subcontractors (professional river guides) to arrange fishing activities. The Lodge is not liable for any damage or loss arising from activities arranged by subcontractors. Subcontractors in this agreement are obliged to have their own liability insurance. 

6) Insurance

The Lodge is not responsible for any loss or damage to the private property of guests during  their stay. Guests must ensure they have the necessary travel insurance before arrival. The Lodge is only responsible for private property if agreed in a written statement and payment for this has been fulfilled.  

7) Instructions from Lodge and guides

Guest are obliged to respect and follow instructions from guides and subcontractors during activities. The Lodge is entitled to cancel outdoor activities on short notice if there are  security concerns or for any force majeure reason. The Lodge is not liable for refunds due  cancellation for the above reasons. 

8) Regulations and Permits

The Lodge provides fishing permits for their guests. Guest must follow local rules for fishing. Guest does not get ownership to catch and the Lodge practise «catch and release».  The Lodge cannot guarantee the good fortune of fishing and the outcome of fishing is off course random. 

9) Health and illness

Guest must ensure they have sufficient health to partake in the stay and planned activities. If you are not able to participate in our activities while you are at The Lodge, due to illness or injury, then the Lodge is not obliged to offer alternative activities during your stay or at a later date.  The Lodge is located in the wild and it is 30 minutes to the local hospital. Guests must inform the Lodge of any food allergies, diabetes or other food intolerance prior to arrival.  

10) Pets

Det er ikke tillatt å medbringe kjæledyr under oppholdet. 

Pets are not allowed. 

11) Complaints

Any complaints must be given in written form within reasonable time and no later than 7 days after the end of the stay. 

12) Norwegian Law

All disputes arising from this contract must be solved within Norwegian Law regardless of the home country of the guest.

13) Information on web

Information on the website is for marketing purposes and can not be held to be current or accurate. Photos of rooms, the size of rooms and conveniences as shown on photos on the website can vary. Please consult Reisa Lodge before making any decision to act on the information displayed on this website.

14) Outdoor clothing

Guest must bring appropriate clothes for outdoor activities during their stay. The Lodge does not have clothes to loan or sell clothes. Please ask beforehand if uncertain about what is appropriate. 

15) Arrival and transport from airport

Guest cover their own travel expenses to Sørkjosen Airport. The Lodge will arrange pick up and return from Sørkjosen Airport. The Lodge can arrange transport by car or minibus from airport in Tromsø at extra cost to the guest. 

16) Internet connection

The Lodge can not guarantee that guests have mobile phone coverage, wifi or internet connection and can not be helt responsible to any losses incurred in guests requiring such access during their stay.

17) Alcohol

Guests are obliged to follow the rules regulating the serving of alcohol. Only alcohol purchased at Reisa Lodge may be used in areas where Reisa Lodge is licenced to serve. For security reasons guests may also be refused alcohol on river boat trips or fishing activities arranged by Reisa Lodge. 

Use of illegal drugs is strictly forbidden. 


Last update: Reisa Lodge, 27.th feb 2018