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Reisa is a peculiar, harsh and totally unique area far behind the Arctic Circle of Norway, spreading itself in the little-known Nordreisa Kommune. In Reisa, you find probably the highest concentration of very different types of landscape in the whole of Norway. From dramatic “Lofoten-like” coastal landscapes with deep fjords and sharp, steep peaks, over incredible old canyons to endless and relatively flat inland mountain plateaus called “vidda”—the home of the native Sámi people and their reideer herds. Simply put, Reisa has the highest concentration of different kinds of beauty in all of Scandinavia.




Reisa Lodge lies in the middle of a wild unknown valley of the Reisa River. The whole Reisadalen (Reisa Valley) is one huge natural gem with so many totally different landscapes in just one valley. Just the drive from the main E6 road towards the lodge is a spectacular experience in and of itself.

In Reisadalen, you will be amazed by totally giant rock walls, incredibly picturesque river views, many waterfalls, truly impressive side canyons of Reisadalen, cozy local farms, old open cabins, many lakes, perfect hiking, biking, or trail-running trails, untouched forest, mind-blowing viewpoints, and rich wildlife.



Just a few minutes of drive from the Reisa Lodge, the road suddenly ends in Saraelv. Close from here you find the new national park’s visitor center, Ovi Raaishiin, a gateway and the start of a trail leading to one of the most interesting protected areas of the whole of Norway, Reisa National Park.

Reisa National Park takes over where the Finnmarksvidda mountain plateau ends abruptly. The deep Reisa River canyon here looks like it was cut into the endless unpopulated plateau by an giant axe blade. There is only one partly similar valley in Norway – not-so-distant Sautso Canyon around the river Alta, about 85 km north-east from here.

Reisa National Park was established in 1986 and covers an area of 806 km². It’s main purpose is to protect wild nature consisting of spectacular waterfalls, ubeliveable deep canyons, harsh tree-less mountain plateaus with many lakes, thick Arctic forests, and very rich wildlife. The national park borders the cold Ráisduottarháldi protected landscape area to the west and the most mountainous wilderness area in Finland, Käsivarsi, to the southwest.

This upper part of long Reisadalen creates very interesting rocky formations, and walking here is like reading in a geology textbook. Especially some of the side canyons are totally mind-blowing and various. Maybe the most impressive side canyon is the extremely deep and narrow Giebáavži canyon or the harsh weatherworn Avveklofta canyon.

The two billion-year-old geological history of the area can be read on the steep walls of Avveklofta. Granite and gneiss at the bottom, covered by a 200-meter-thick layer of sandstones and claystones, above which there is another layer of various types of rocks. Simply breathtaking wilderness.

In Reisa National Park, you can find many impressive waterfalls, including the fabled Mollisfossen, the highest waterfall in Northern Europe. Mollisfossen is 269 m high and is divided into 3 parts, of which the lowest has a free fall of 140 m. A few kilometers south-east of the Nedrefoss DNT cabin, you find another even more special “double waterfall”, Imofossen, formed by two rivers, Reisa and Spanijohka, plunging over a vertical rock wall into a narrow rocky canyon. Nowhere in Norway will you see something so atmospheric and remote as this.

Prepare yourself for a unique piece of Norwegian nature! Photos tell you more than thousands words.


We can organize a river boat trip deep into the national park or even a multi-day guided hike trip to any of the gems in and around this “dream valley.”